Java based wmsClient
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This is the Home of a Client vor viewing Maps from an WMS (Web Map Server).
It is oriented on the WMS 1.0 Specification of the Open GIS Consortium
(See: for further information.)

Start the latest build with Java Web Start.
(Java Web Start has to be installed more info)

23. Dec. 2002 Release 1.2 - Nice, sensitive arrows for moving the map clip.
Zoom-out button. Autoload functionality. Fixes.
Dirk-Willem van Gulik provided a patch with fixes.
04. Sept. 2002 Release 1.1 - A pwoerfull status bar, and a zooming history were added.
Inspired by NORUT IT:
Some bugs were fixed and all ressources are packed into one jar file,
for enable starting over JavaWebStart.
22. July 2002 The wmsClient is used in a research project by NORUT IT. There the wmsClient works together with an WMS infrastructure and a special client, for register data together with a point of interest from a map.

The application seems to run quite stable, but it is possible that there are still some bugs, because it has not been tested very often.
+ Reading layer information (getCapabilities-xml) from server or from local file
Version 1.2 Click to enlarge
+ Shows layer information of multiple server with descriptions in a tree component
+ Views multiple layers from different servers in arbitrary order
+ Supports standard or user defined bounding box
+ Supports arbitrary image width and automaticly calculates the correct height.
+ Zooms in the map by pulling an quadrangle with the mouse.
+ Zooming history, zoom out.
+ Moving the map clip.
+ Looks fine with a skin from L2FProd
- Only supports the Spatial Reference System SRS:4326
- Ignores WMS exceptions thrown by the Server

+ Improved server management
+ Temporary show and hide of selected layers

The client was created by:
Mancke-Software, Sebastian Mancke
em | Motion, Marcelo Emmerich

We are interested in feedback, so if you use the code or the application, please let us know.
We would be pleased if someone can use this stuff.

The application and the source are free for non commercial use, if the following condition is met:
The end-user documentation included with the redistribution, if any, must include the following acknowlegement:
  "This product includes software developed 
     by  Marcelo Emmerich ()
     and Sebastian Mancke ()
   See for details."
For commercial use you have to get the permission. So if you want to use this product in commercial context,
redistribute it for profit, or use the code in commercial applications please contact us.

Current version is 1.3. There are three different packages available:
Full package with source files and the ant buildfile. wmsClient-1.3-src.tar.gz (~425 kb)
Package with only the compiled application, traditional Java Interface. wmsClient-1.3-bin.tar.gz (~80 kb)
The compiled application with a nice skin from L2FProd. wmsClient-1.3-skin-bin.tar.gz (~420 kb)
Latest source package. wmsClient-latest_20030704-src.tar.gz (~420 kb)